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What do Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, And Gunter Schlierkamp have in common besides being the top 3 Mr. Olympia competitors and weighing in at over 300 pounds a piece? Aside from being some of the biggest boys in bodybuilding, Ronnie, Jay, and Gunter know a little something about what it takes to grow. Not surprisingly, each of them consumes beef in their off-season diets.

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buying testosterone cypionate

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buying testosterone cypionate
Since society first started focusing on proper nutrition and weight loss, the emphasis has always been on cutting calories, and cutting fat. Fat was seen as the nemesis of anyone looking to shed excess bodyfat. This led to a boom in the low-fat and diet food industry. Before long, you could get just about any type of food you wanted in a low-fat form. But something was wrong. In spite of the billions of dollars spent each year on low-fat diets, society as a whole was getting fatter. People were exercising less, eating out a lot more, and leading less active lifestyles. However, the one factor not given much thought was the skyrocketing volume of carbohydrates being consumed, not to mention the amount of sodium that was added. After all, they said it was the fat that was the enemy, not the carbs. Or was it???

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